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Heavy Stone Ring Beveled Edge Tungsten Band, Wood Inlay

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Beveled edge Tungsten band, all high polish with a 4mm burl wood inlay. 8 mm width.

Tungsten Carbide was HSR’s first product. Tungsten is a Swedish word which literally means “heavy stone.”

Tungsten is the hardest, most scratch resistant material on the market.

Tungsten is available in its natural color, which is a dark gun metal gray. Tungsten is alloyed with a nickel base to offer the permanent high polish finish.

When purchasing a Tungsten band, be sure to buy from a reputable manufacturer, because there are a lot of quality control issues with overseas Tungsten producers.

Tungsten, like Vitalium, has limitations on capabilities because of its hardness.

Tungsten can be removed with vice-grips in case of emergency. Tungsten carbide is often used in tooling and grinding.