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Heavy Stone Ring Deep Groove Zirconium Band

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Deep groove Zirconium band, high polish edges and grooves with Tree bark finish on top.  Available in widths of 7mm and 8mm.

Zirconium is one of the newest metals to be introduced in the contemporary metals collection. Many are familiar with black tungsten and the problems associated with the tungsten staying black. Zirconium is the answer!

Zirconium is a natural element which begins with a silver color. After the style is milled, the ring is heat-treated. The extreme heat causes oxidation and the ring turns black. The oxidization layer is as hard as sapphire and is there to stay.

Diamond tooling is used to create the two-toned designs.

Zirconium is the best option on the market if you are looking for a black ring and want to get creative.

Zirconium can be cut with a diamond ring cutter. Apart from the jewelry industry, Zirconium has military purpose.